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This account and the movies on it are nothing but a bit of an embarassment to me right now. But I don't wanna give up this account to make a new one when it has such a damn nice load of XP. Game maker, Spriter, animator. Not much of a movie maker anymore.

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You know that TTA spinoff thing? Yeah, that's STILL going! It's like, 80% complete I think? I dunno. I "left" that project a while back.

What else did I talk about in my old newsy things... Oh hilariously I made to posts about a sorta-friend who died of leukemia and then came back, because it was a prank. He comitted suicide a few years later. For real. His prank's kinda, made it difficult for me to feel the way I should about this...

Kirbopher didn't do what he told me he would when I agreed to cancel season 4, but honestly, TOME is FAR better than I had hoped anyway! WIth that series being made I can finally feel at peace knowing TTA season 4 will never be made. But the fact Kirb still hates my guts, but gave a cameo to the guy actually still making the spinoff TTA series has made me a bit mad. But I guess Kirb's hate for me runs too deep for it to matter what I am actually doing. We were enemies way before the season 4 stuff, not that I expect he remembers that.

So what have I been doing all this time? Spriting and making characters for MUGEN which is a fighting game engine. Was doing damn well, like, this was the first and only thing I've ever been naturally talented at! And then my hard drive craps out. I lost EVERYTHING. I've not had the will to start again since.

most of my time has been spent lying in bed with many illnesses. It's the only thing I can do consistantly anymore. I broke my foot, have severe head aches, a constantly bruised right eye, weak legs... I also put on a lot of weight and found out I have depression. I can FEEL myself dying. Not sure I'm gonna ever realise my dream of being a game designer, even with it this close...

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