5 years later

2015-07-28 09:41:02 by Tails-Lock

You know that TTA spinoff thing? Yeah, that's STILL going! It's like, 80% complete I think? I dunno. I "left" that project a while back.

What else did I talk about in my old newsy things... Oh hilariously I made to posts about a sorta-friend who died of leukemia and then came back, because it was a prank. He comitted suicide a few years later. For real. His prank's kinda, made it difficult for me to feel the way I should about this...

Kirbopher didn't do what he told me he would when I agreed to cancel season 4, but honestly, TOME is FAR better than I had hoped anyway! WIth that series being made I can finally feel at peace knowing TTA season 4 will never be made. But the fact Kirb still hates my guts, but gave a cameo to the guy actually still making the spinoff TTA series has made me a bit mad. But I guess Kirb's hate for me runs too deep for it to matter what I am actually doing. We were enemies way before the season 4 stuff, not that I expect he remembers that.

So what have I been doing all this time? Spriting and making characters for MUGEN which is a fighting game engine. Was doing damn well, like, this was the first and only thing I've ever been naturally talented at! And then my hard drive craps out. I lost EVERYTHING. I've not had the will to start again since.

most of my time has been spent lying in bed with many illnesses. It's the only thing I can do consistantly anymore. I broke my foot, have severe head aches, a constantly bruised right eye, weak legs... I also put on a lot of weight and found out I have depression. I can FEEL myself dying. Not sure I'm gonna ever realise my dream of being a game designer, even with it this close...

TTA The TOME Knights!

2010-04-15 22:17:54 by Tails-Lock

Well I can fairly safely say that Episode 1 of the non-crappy series is actually being worked on now...I think. The script at least is done...I think. I leave for 10 days and now I have no clue what's going on really. But all is going well is the main thing. Expect a pretty big change from our old 3 eps. Though we'll still be using most of the same new characters in it.

Oh and season 4 is canceled forever. That was my main reason for making a new post.

TTA Progress

2010-01-19 02:30:08 by Tails-Lock

Well it's been ages since my last NG post, so here's an update:
Season 4 is being made super slowly as we're still pretty inexperienced and I likely need more skilled members to join. BUT until then we are making a TTA spinoff series called The Tome Knights. The first episode is already pretty close to release.
I hope that from that I can get the TTA forum more popular and recruit a few more people to make Season 4 possible.

If any of you wanted to make your own TTA series or game then coming to my site would help you out a lot, I have tonnes of files and sprites and stuff you can use. I'd prefer if you'd join my current projects, but if you'd rather do it your own way that's fine too. Make sure to post links to what you make at the forum if you do that, anything that helps bring TTA back to life is a good thing.

The forum URL is: http://z13.invisionfree.com/TV_Tome_Ad ventures/

Ericho is on the team. Kirbopher15 is not. We're still contacting the others to try and get more official TTA guys to join.


2008-12-09 12:28:33 by Tails-Lock

MAJOR UPDATE: Okay I have no script-writers at all and will be unable to do season 4. Besides if I did that it might ruin it for Kirb if he has some kind of season 4 surprise for us. Soooo I'll be doing a spinoff series instead! This spinoff will focus on the more minor characters and rarely feature the main TTA cast. This is still going to take effort though and I still need help for it. So far I have permission from Ericho to use him and he'll even VA for it. I then asked Megzheartcho or however her name is spelt and she decided to tell Kirb on me.....and soon I'll ask Akuma. I doubt I could get any of the main cast to give permission but I'll try with everyone.

ORIGINAL POST: Well not really. I mean Kirbopher still dislikes me and the TTA fan-sites and wants TTA to die, and he still controls TTA. So for me to continue the series, which I will do, I could get into a lot of trouble. But who cares, I'm doing it for the fans, not for Kirbopher so I don't really care how mad he gets about this. I wish he would give us permission though, it's not like it harms anyone or anything.
So yeah, I'll be making TTA Season 4. I'll have to do huge amounts of research and try to piece together what was meant to happen and do all I can to make season 4 of TTA. But I still lack the skills to do that so I'll be making short non-canon episodes just to try and improve to start with. I also joined a TTA comic with some pretty devoted fans. So long as all us TTA fans work together season 4 will be done soon, but as I can't advertise the fan-sites on any of Kirbopher's sites since he dislikes me, we lack members. Please join and invite others. You guys may even get some main roles; after all, every new season brings in another generation of users. So spriters, artists, script-writers, or just any TTA fan, please join and help us revive TTA!

Oh yeah the link for the TTA forum: http://s13.invisionfree.com/TV_Tome_Ad ventures/


Damn Dragonballs.

2008-10-18 21:37:35 by Tails-Lock

The non-friend that died of lukimia like 4 months ago is alive. I should have done one of these as soon as he said but I forgot I mentioned it here. So yeah, he lied, it was a prank. Yet it utterly failed. No-one really cared. Seems I cared the most and even I forgot about him in not much time. All that prank did was make Denegoth, Oddball and FlashlightClock look like damn sick f**ks. No normal person would pretend to be dead for 3 months as a joke. Though the one who actually "died", Maffu, I don't hate him at all for this. I guess I am too glad that he is alive, and he's clearly matured while he was in spirit world.
So basicly, it's all good. The faggots revealed they were sick in the head, Maffu came back to life and got smarter and more mature and now I don't have to make that flash movie about how much I miss him.

So, a not-friend of mine has leukimia. He has like 2 months or so to live. Normaly m excuse for not making flash is depression, but now that is my reason. I will be making at least one movie for him and soon, and likely more thanks to him. Unfortunetly I was away for the time that everyone was talking about it, so now it's late and they are all gone and I feel awful right now. I do not have anyone to talk to so I'm just typing a small amount here....Kinda pointless though, I get close to 0 people look at my userpage. But yeah that's basicly it...

i suck at ideas, so i have to use other people's. please le me join your project! also i recently turned lvl 25, woot. and i dont suck as much at flash as my movies would make you think, they were all made in less than 5 hours, cept that goodbye CC one. i made that over the course of 3 moths, dunno how many hours i spent on it though, might have been only 4... i dont know why i decided to make this now, i guess i'm just bored. comments plaesez.